Your Holiday Cookie Board

Your Holiday Cookie Board

Some of the sweetest moments of the holiday season are pulled out of your oven. While most serve their confections by simply popping the top off their cookie tins, you can make your dessert station double as a decorative element that tastes as good as it looks. Share a lovely slice of the holidays by recreating our favorite cookie plate, a festive celebration of sugar and togetherness. 

Step One: Pick Your Plate

Select a large cutting board or festive platter to display your sugary spread. Make sure it’s easy to wipe down after your cookies are reduced to crumbles to save time on cleanup.

Step Two: Roll Up Your Sleeves

Preheat your oven or dash to the store for 3-5 types of cookies. We recommend choosing a variety of cookies with different sizes, shapes, and colors to maximize the visual appeal of your plate. Remember to grab a few boxes of thumbprint cookies for the kiddos (we won’t tell if the adults want some too.) A few of our other favorites are: 

Step Three: Don’t Forget the Peppermint Bark!

A Christmas without peppermint bark wouldn’t be Christmas at all. Whether store-bought or homemade, this crowd favorite will add a unique look and texture to your plate. Looking to get busy in the kitchen? Give this recipe a try: 

Step Four: Add a Salty Snack

Balance the overload of sugar with a few salty elements. Our favorites are chocolate-covered pretzels, candied popcorn, and roasted nuts. 

Step Five: Top It Off with Candy

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like a smattering of candy. Grab some puppy chow and crushed candy canes to take your board to the next level.

Holiday Pro-Tip: Dust your board with red and green sprinkles or powdered sugar before layering on your spread to make your presentation even more enticing.

Download our FREE holiday cookie board map here!


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