Love Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Charcuterie

Love Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Charcuterie

Despite all the planning, shopping, and cooking that goes into Thanksgiving dinner, getting your leftovers eaten can feel like an impossible feat. Refresh your feast after the big event with this DIY charcuterie board, designed to help you get your leftovers gobbled up and out of your fridge. 

Step One: Pick Your Platter

Choose a platter or cutting board large enough to display your smorgasbord. The more leftovers you have, the larger your platter should be. We suggest a surface a bit larger than your typical cheese and meats board. 

Step Two: Lay Out Your Leftovers

Organize your leftovers by food type. We suggest dividing your board by meats, carbs, and vegetables to create a logical flow on your platter that will inspire your guests to get creative with their combinations. 

Step Three: Recycle Your Veggie Tray

Add some color to your sampler by making room for your forgotten Thanksgiving appetizers. Not only will this give your leftover fruit and veggie trays a second chance to get eaten, it will also add a refreshing palate cleanser to an otherwise dense plate. Celery, carrots, red bell peppers, olives, cucumbers, and red grapes are among our favorite sampler staples. 

Step Four: Break Out the Bread

Lay out ample amounts of bread, leftover dinner rolls, and crackers to invite your guests to create mini-sliders and stackables. We recommend arranging bread in-between sections of food where space is available. 

Step Five: Don’t Skimp on Sauces

Place a few bowls of sauces like cranberry relish, veggie cream cheese, and ranch dressing to get your guests to dig in and start dunking. If you don’t have sauces leftover, we recommend purchasing a few and placing them in spare spaces around the board. 

Holiday Pro-Tip: Make your sampler look even more inviting by adding a few pieces leftover from your floral arrangement to your board.

Download our FREE Thanksgiving leftover charcuterie board map here!


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